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Pastor BILL



Let me introduce myself, I'm Pastor Bill "Moe" Moore, President/CEO of Bikers for Life Ministries, Rhome, Texas USA. I want to welcome all pro-life advocates, and supporters to our organization, our mission, and our website! Pastor Moe, as commonly referred to, has been totally sold out to Jesus Christ over 38yrs! No turning back. My Truest Pro-Life stance began to take shape in the early 90s while faithfully listening to Pro-Life Pioneers Randall Terry (Operation Rescue) & Harley David Belew on 91.7fm every day at lunch. It was in those days that God began to give me the zeal to do something to save the unborn, taking action, not just talking. Prayers were answered in 2019 when Pastor Moe was handed the full rights, ownership, & trademarks to Bikers for Life. We also became a full-fledged 501-3c recognized ministry as well, federally non-profit registered! Ever since that, the Fight has been on full steam ahead! In July 2020, Bikers for Life Ministries began a Weekly Revival meeting every Tuesday night at Cornerstone Church in Newark, Texas. And every week just gets sweeter n sweeter. I praise the Lord for all that's occurred and for everything that's going to happen! All I know to say is, JUMP IN, JOIN THE FIGHT, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT with us!!

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